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Kyan Ladder Bracelet

Kyan Ladder Bracelet

The strikingly colored mineral, Kyanite is aptly named for a Greek word that means deep blue. The columnar natural shape of the crystal lends itself especially well to rectangular forms, used here in a graduating series of crystals creating a polished brass-bezeled ladder bracelet. 


Size: 7 - 8.5" x 1.25" 

** Price is for bracelet only not the earrings & necklace

Kyan Ladder Bracelet

Our furniture is handcrafted in California & our rugs are woven in Nepal.

Except for a select collection of display items, each piece is made to order. Requests for custom sizes & finishes are available by quote. Connect with Ruth today to discuss shipping and handling or to find out how this a piece can be customized to your desire.

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