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Dogwood Blossom Natural Pin

Dogwood Blossom Natural Pin

As the state flower of both Virginia and North Carolina, the dogwood is well known in the southern states. In the past it has been used in the production of ink and dyes, but this wearable art finds itself showing off its beauty adorned to clothing or one of our wax necklaces.

The jewelry is created by capturing an all natural leaf in copper and therefore will look similar to the one pictured but will not be exactly as shown.  Nature is diverse and so are our one of a kind jewelry pieces.  We hope you embrace your adoption as unique.

Dogwood Blossom Pins

  • Small American Dogwood - 1.5 in - $38
  • Med American Dogwood - 2 in - $53
  • Large American Dogwood 2.5 in - $75
  • Large Kousa/Asian Dogwood 2.5 - $75


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