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October 23, 2017


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Bring Fall Indoors

Falling leaves, apple cider, pumpkin patches, crackling fires, crisp air..I call it Fall!

Shop our new arrivals of ceramics, candles, cushions and other home accessories inspired from this trend - Just for You!

 Whether you have a question about our interior design services or you are ready to discuss your vision for an upcoming design project, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch!



Marin Best Of The County

Happy to be voted as the "Best Home Store". Come by and see what all the fuss is about! 
July 17, 2017


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I Climbed The Great Wall Of China!

When you design for a living, inspiration and creativity must be renewed. Design inspiration can come from anywhere – but travel is a HUGE source of inspiration for me. 

"Travel is not about where you go but how you see the world".

This Spring I had the opportunity to travel to China, a trip that turned out to be one of a lifetime. I was part of a group, and we visited Beijing, X’ian, Shanghai, Suzhou & Hong Kong. Below are some of my travel notes.

The Great Wall of China

Climbing The Great Wall of China was an Olympic event… who knew? and one which I challenged myself to undertake. Crowded at the bottom with many tourists, mostly Chinese, the higher up you go the less populated is the path. What surprised me the most was that it wasn’t a paved path; rather it consists of many steps (I heard 1,000, then someone else said 2,000). I made it up the first 600, huffing & puffing and very warm. I was warmly dressed, as it was very cold on the mountain, about an hour’s drive outside of Beijing. Climbing, the layers came off one by one - first the cashmere scarf, then the down jacket, and so on. Along the way, I paused to take photos with local tourists.


The Great Wall of China

Since I relate everything to design…I was wondering if construction blueprints existed for The Great Wall, so I looked it up & sure enough there are (see , and for additional information . I was also wondering why the steps height was so uneven, ranging from 4”- 16” high, making the climb even more challenging.

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty—the years 1420 to 1912. It is located in the center of Beijing, China, and now houses the Palace Museum. 

 The Forbidden City

 X’ian; The Qin Dynasty Terra-cotta Army 

The army of life-size terra cotta soldiers, archers, horses and chariots was stationed in military formation near Emperor Qin’s tomb in order to protect the emperor in the afterlife. This awesome view is even more amazing when you discover it represents only a fraction of the underground treasures yet to unearth.

The Qin Dynasty Terra-cotta Army 

Suzhou - Venice of the East

Suzhou, a city west of Shanghai, is known as the “Venice of the East” for its canals, bridges & romantic water town. 


When you travel through China, it quickly becomes apparent that there’s no such thing as ‘Chinese food’. Oh there’s Cantonese, Sichuan, Shandong, Fujian, Hunan and Anhui food, and everything is so fresh & delicious. Peking duck was one of my favorites.

Signs of China

Signs in China are everywhere, some in traditional graphics, and other quite contemporary. What was amusing, was the occasional literal English translation.

The Recycling Bins are beautifully designed with graphics you cannot misinterpret:

“Be careful For Squeeze” was found in front of a revolving door.

“Asexuality” …you get it!

“Fire off in Garden Area”…would you guess “No Smoking in Garden?”
 Except for the air pollution, China is super clean


Cleaning crews with low-tech equipment, often in uniforms are in many parks & historic areas.

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is an autonomous territory, and former British colony, in southeastern China. Its vibrant, densely populated urban center is a major port and global financial hub with a skyscraper-studded skyline incl. the famed architectural landmarks like I.M. Pei’s Bank of China Tower.

This was my second visit to Hong Kong. Would you believe I was there in 1967? Naturally, it was overwhelming to experience the growth. The Hong Kong I remembered featured a few high-rises, compared with the urban & commercial jungle of today’s Hong Kong Island & Kowloon. Although governed by China, it still feels like a British Colony, with driving on the Left side. It’s public transportation, incl the subway is amazingly efficient.

In conclusion, my trip was inspiring and fun, providing much design inspiration!

Until the next trip… Ni ha to all!

Travel & Design

When you design for a living, inspiration and creativity must be renewed. Design inspiration can come from anywhere – but travel is a HUGE source of inspiration for me. 

"Travel is not about where you go but how you see the world". 

I recently traveled to Israel  again, as I have been doing often the last few years to visit my parents and family. January in Tel Aviv is a lot like here…raining…so it was a perfect opportunity to visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Lichtenstein mural in the entry hall of Tel Aviv Museum of Art's original building
The Museum’s new wing designed by Preston Scott Cohen of Harvard University was completed in 2011

An exhibit about the Bauhaus in the new wing of the Museum

Abstract painting by Yehezkel Streichman's (prominent Israeli artist) 
One of the many new Farmers Markets that have popped up everywhere in Tel Aviv, including inside shopping malls..a brilliant idea! 
Pastry in Israel; so beautiful that it looked like a piece of art!
November 12, 2016


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Annual Holiday Trunk Show


Join us for an exciting weekend of holiday shopping, featuring a collection of locally made jewelry, candles, scarves as well as a wonderful array of handpicked gifts and handbags. A relaxed shopping experience in an elegant environment awaits you. Sip & savor tasty treats as we gift wrap your purchase & add a gift of our own! Read more about the artists below.

Drawn to layering perfumes to create a personalized fragrance, Lizette Marie turns candles to capture sensory experiences. Lizette’s signature Gilded Decay collection is a reflection of her dark, moody aesthetic and glamorous attitude. 

Sarah Jane Hassler has been designing jewelry over 15 years and her work is a culmination of years of experimentation with non-traditional materials in jewelry. She has always been interested in the forms and materials of the Art Deco days. Her pieces are a contemporary take on this style.  

Mitandio, has its origin from a Swahili word meaning scarves. It is the vision of two sisters, Jas & Ruku, who grew up in Tanzania and India. The artwork for each scarf is hand-painted and then transferred onto the finest silk cashmere fabric via digital printing process. The scarves are inspired by their life and travels and each carries its own story, springing from wildlife to nature. 

November 11, 2016


Summer Travel & Inspiration

For the first time in many years, I took a really long and much-deserved summer vacation. It all began with a visit to Israel, where I spent precious time with family, which included the celebration of my Dad’s 93rd Birthday. While in Israel, I visited the Tel Aviv Design Museum, an impressive Corten Steel structure designed by architect Ron Arad, reminding many of the Guggenheim. I then made my way over to Northern Italy, where I went from hiking in the Dolomites to taking short day trips to Lakes Garda & Iseo.


Tel Aviv Design Museum


Wherever I go, I immerse myself in the culture and experience my passions: Nature, Art, Architecture and Design, and of course... Food & Foreign Languages. 


On this particular trip, these passions presented themselves in a single location: The Messner Mountain Museum in Corones, Italy. Designed by my favorite architect Zaha Hadid (about whose untimely death this year I wrote in a previous newsletter), the museum is perched up on a mountain ridge at 7,000 ft. The highlight: the mountain views, the amazing architecture, and the artwork...all a short hike up from the funicular...amazing!

Messner Mountain Museum, Corones, Italy 


Inspired and rejuvenated from my summer  getaway, I designed the Ridge Sofa. It is handcrafted in California and is made to order. Check out the entire collection on our website. Visit Our Website

On another note, please save the date for our Annual Holiday Trunk Show. I am excited to introduce new local talent. Drop in for a drink and shop the newest designs. It's going to be festive and fun, so be sure to bring a friend. Looking forward to seeing you! 











April 14, 2016


Zaha Hadid - 1950-2016 - A Tribute

Zaha Hadid, called Architect of the Future died unexpectedly a week ago. I was & still am in shock...a "bigger than life" visionary, what a talent...and my age!

I related to Zaha on so many levels: she was a woman architect - how many world famous women architects are there? - a middle eastern,  a prolific "outside the box" designer who was also celebrated for her furniture, shoes, car, boat and jewelry designs. She defied convention. Dezeen magazine has a lovely opinion piece and a wonderful collection of articles. Lots of time could be spent at the a Pinterest page dedicated to her. 

Someone once said my RIDGE sofa reminded them of a Zaha Hadid design...a true compliment!! A personal inspiration to me...she will be missed.

Art Show - Jennifer White Kuri

Jennifer White Kuri is returning to The Bay Area for her first solo exhibit since 2013. Through My Prism will feature mixed media and paintings, ranging from late 1970s to the present. Ruth Livingston Studio’s exhibition of Jennifer’s work is a homecoming of sorts as Jennifer received her MA in painting at UC Berkeley in 1975 under the tutorship of Joan Brown and Elmer Bischoff of the Bay Area Figurative tradition.


The mixed-media paintings of her photo series: “Portrait” and “Interior Landscape” are available as originals as well as a limited first edition series of prints.

 The opening reception will be held at the Tiburon Studio Thurs, September 24, 2015 from 6 to 8 PM & the studio will also remain open till 7pm on Friday, Sept. 25 (last of this year’s Tiburon’s Friday Nights on Main) The artwork will be displayed in room settings & as table top decorations. Jennifer will be making a brief presentation at 7 PM. The exhibition continues through October 20th.

Ruth Livingston is an award-winning interior designer known for her collaborative work with Bay Area artists. Her design studio and gallery occupies an elegant space on Ark Row in downtown Tiburon. In addition to Jennifer’s artwork, on display are furnishings from the Ruth Livingston Studio Collection, decorative accessories for the home, gifts and jewelry.

For additional information or imagery, and RSVP to this free event at:

Spirits sponsored by Hanson of Sonoma Organic Vodka, handcrafted and distilled from the finest grapes.