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When you design for a living, inspiration and creativity must be renewed. Design inspiration can come from anywhere – but travel is a HUGE source of inspiration for me. 

"Travel is not about where you go but how you see the world". 

I recently traveled to Israel  again, as I have been doing often the last few years to visit my parents and family. January in Tel Aviv is a lot like here…raining…so it was a perfect opportunity to visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Lichtenstein mural in the entry hall of Tel Aviv Museum of Art's original building
The Museum’s new wing designed by Preston Scott Cohen of Harvard University was completed in 2011

An exhibit about the Bauhaus in the new wing of the Museum

Abstract painting by Yehezkel Streichman's (prominent Israeli artist) 
One of the many new Farmers Markets that have popped up everywhere in Tel Aviv, including inside shopping malls..a brilliant idea! 
Pastry in Israel; so beautiful that it looked like a piece of art!

Ruth Livingston


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