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September 03, 2015


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A Sunday Walk

Today, as most Sundays, I start my day with a visit to the Farmers Market for fresh produce, & end with an afternoon hike.

There are many trails, all around Marin County, where I live, and it is hard to pick a favorite, as I love each for its uniqueness. Some are in the open hills, others in a forest like environment, with occasional waterfalls, a creek, beautiful trees…

Today, as I was walking along the Tennessee Valley Trail, a popular, mostly flat easy hike, about a 4 mile round trip walk to the ocean, with many side trails into the hills & the beaches around.

As I was hiking alone today (my personal form of meditation; nothing better than this to clear the mind), I was thinking about how lucky we are to have all those wonderful vast expanses of park lands, right in the middle of our county.

A few minutes ride from anywhere in Marin, & you’ll find yourself engulfed by nature. We seem to take it for granted (I wonder if my kids do). Do you ever wonder how this came to be?

Not many know the history of how it happened, so I’d like to share it with you.

This, is the result of a wonderful group of individuals, who have made this open space a reality.

Their story is depicted in a wonderful documentary, Rebels with A Cause by Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto.  

Tennessee Valley Trail - West Marin