Zaha Hadid - 1950-2016 - A Tribute

Zaha Hadid, called Architect of the Future died unexpectedly a week ago. I was & still am in shock...a "bigger than life" visionary, what a talent...and my age!

I related to Zaha on so many levels: she was a woman architect - how many world famous women architects are there? - a middle eastern,  a prolific "outside the box" designer who was also celebrated for her furniture, shoes, car, boat and jewelry designs. She defied convention. Dezeen magazine has a lovely opinion piece and a wonderful collection of articles. Lots of time could be spent at the a Pinterest page dedicated to her. 

Someone once said my RIDGE sofa reminded them of a Zaha Hadid design...a true compliment!! A personal inspiration to me...she will be missed.

Ruth Livingston


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